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Discussion Board

Cougar Fans,

We are pleased to announce an updated version of the Discussion Boards. The new boards are mobile-friendly and provide more features than the current or “legacy” discussion boards. Below, you will find two discussion board options for the next 2 months.


Legacy Discussion Boards

The discussion boards you have used for the past several years. These boards will continue through the end of the year, while we BETA test the new discussion boards and receive your feedback.


New CougarFan Discussion Boards

The CougarFan discussion boards provide the same categories as the Legacy boards. We ask that you begin using these boards as soon as possible so you can provide feedback to help us create a great experience.

Please send any comments or feedback to

Thanks for your help and patience.

This F.A.Q. is a work in progress, we will be adding more soon.

Question: Why not just keep the old boards?

We know many long-time veterans with CougarFan are accustomed to the boards, and changing something that has been the same for many, many years is hard. However, there were two primary problems with the old boards.

First, the technology the old boards were built with is extremely old using Classic ASP. The last release of Classic ASP was in 2000, making the language 14 years old. It isn't viable for us to maintain such an old system, and none of our developers currently know how to make any changes to the Classic ASP codebase. Moving forward we needed a system we could maintain and improve on.

Second, the interface was extremely old and used out-dated web technologies (such as frames). If you've ever tried to use the old boards on a mobile device, you'll know what a poor experience it can be.

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